Rt. Rev. Louis Medgyesi's Message

By God's Grace we have reached the 100th Anniversary year of our church's existence in these United States of America.

We are grateful and thankful for the love that binds us together in the body of Jesus Christ, our Savior. By His Holy spirit, God has preserved our witness to the gospel of His grace, mercy, and peace in this place of worship, and He has helped us develop wholesome relationships with one another, as well as with the wider community of the Christian Church.

Although our numbers have dwindled over the years, the same faith, hope and trust dwells within us as it had in our faith-filled ancestors. While the vital statistics indicate present realities; the measure of our commitment, dedication, and faith can only be experienced in fellowship with one another.

May God continue to bless the motives of our hearts, the plans that we forge, and the work of our hands, to His glory.

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